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Natural Memphis Pot set of 3

Natural Memphis Pot set of 3

These are unique planters and cover pots made using concrete and a hand rotated technique. Due to a strong combination of stone and minerals, it is a perfect collection for indoor or outdoor use. As well as being light weight, weather resistant and environment friendly the pots have a beautiful industrial cement finish.

To clean use a mild soapy water and a soft bristle brush or rag. Avoid harsh chemical and abrasives.
Includes Drainage hole with rubber plug.

Brand:                                        Modcrete Range

Dimension:                              D34cm x H28.5cm, D23cm x H19.5cm, D16.5cm x H14cm


Included in price is delivery, removal from packing crate and installation into designated area of singular pot.* Ask for price on waterproofing, drainage stone, filling with soil, planting or making in to a water feature.

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