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Natural Stone

Travertine is an incredibly durable and unique, natural stone that adds sophistication, earthiness and dapples between warm and cool tones to present the perfect base material. Its naturally forming distressed appearance exudes character and texture to every differing piece of stone.
Souring premium grade travertine naturally formed in Italy and Turkey, we pride ourselves on only working with the highest quality materials and finishes. 

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Australian Blue Stone

Bluestone is not actually a geological term and the stone doesn’t fall into any particular category such as igneous or metamorphic. In Australia, bluestone is a type of basalt and is characterised by its blue-grey colour tones.

One of the key characteristics of bluestone is the naturally occurring cat’s paws. These markings are formed from gas extrusions during the stone formation millions of years ago. Most bluestone orders should see the cats paws prominent in 15-25% of their batch subtly breaking up the blue-grey palette.

It is also common to see brown rust coloured tones in bluestone. This colour pigmentation occurs during formation from the natural matter in the ground. While rust in colour, this does not cause rust stains.

One natural imperfection that occurs in bluestone basalt tiles is tiny, fingernail-sized shallow holes that create a desirable texture. In quality bluestone, these irregularities are infrequent and will not affect the integrity of the stone tile itself

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