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Consultation - From your initial contact with ALG we begin a professional working relationship. We begin by responding with our new client consultation forms and arrange a meeting on site.

What to expect at the site consultation: Mapping out the scale, assessing the current condition,  initial discussions for the garden and client vision.
Our job is to transform your ideas into a magical reality.


Design - We refer and draw on our initial consultation to design a scaled draft. From smaller residential scapes to larger acreages, our design process is crafted individually to meet the needs of the client in order to view the complete design of the works before construction begins.  This step allows for the vision to come to life. Your draft is complemented by a conceptual folio for you to visually engage with the design for your garden, the proposed materials, colour palette , plantings, soft and hardscaping.

Investment: Designs can also be purchased as a singular service where you do not require Arrow for the construction of the works. Arrow provides each client with a price guide/package to produce the work to then be approved by the client prior to beginning design works.
Larger front and back gardens, please allow for but not limited to 25 + hours of work as a package.
Acreage - Please allow for but not limited to 50 hours of work as a package.
From this distribution we allow time for you to review and mark up any amendments made and visually view your designed area and its composition. First draft amendments are complementary to the initial design fee quoted.
If second and third amendments are required, we move into a fee per hour, communicated with the client.

Digital Quotation - If a client/site does not require a design, we will simply quote the site, post consultation.
This quotation will be emailed to the client within 5-14 working days depending on the scale of the project.
Digital quotations are free of charge.


Construction- ALG works alongside a wide range of trades in order to create each individual project.
Our guarantee is to offer a range of construction options for all clients. 

From the initial consultation to the completion of the project, our role is to create, design and construct gardens that are individual and offer a lifetime of pleasure.
At ALG we believe that once a relationship is formed, it is developed and nurtured.
We do not set and forget.



Intricate Detail

ALG designs encompass a variety of compositional elements with rich conceptual thought. Landform, vertical and horizontal structures, texture, colour and climate are combined to create balance and atmosphere with every designed space.


Meticulous craftsmanship

The craft of our construction stems directly from the heart and core of our designs. Landscape construction requires the ability to hold an immense understanding for landscape architecture. At ALG we combine the elements within the garden design and its features alongside a variety of complimentary materials to compose and create immaculate installations.


Experts with care

Maintaining your gardens during each season is crucial to the health and vitality of your spaces.
ALG's expertise in the care and maintenance of your plants and lawn will ensure a garden thriving garden that will only get better with age.

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