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Natural Cement Kensington Bowl

Natural Cement Kensington Bowl

Well suited to both light and heavy duty commercial and domestic landscaping.

Will stand up to most reasonable wear and tear except the most extreme treatment in which case steel or heavy concrete would be the only option.

This range of glass fibre reinforced cement (GFRC) landscape pots embodies the best timeless design elements and attention to detail and is twice as strong as fibre glass as well as being much lighter than concrete and resistant to UV and water penetration. The material is ideally suited to the construction of large containers strong enough to withstand the requirements of most landscaping projects.

CARE: To clean marks from pots use mild soapy water and a soft bristle brush such as a nail brush. Avoid harsh chemical or abrasives.

Brand                                                     Geo Rok
Dimension                                            D120cm xH57cm
Weight                                                   42kg
Opening Diameter                            96cm
Base Diameter                                    39cm 
Colour                                                    Cement - can also be ordered in Black for an additonal $100



Included in price is delivery, removal from packing crate and installation into designated area of singular pot.

* Ask for price  to add on a service for waterproofing, drainage stone, filling with soil, planting or making in to a water feature. 

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