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Lotus Pond - D82cm x H55cm

Lotus Pond - D82cm x H55cm

Lotus Pond


Newly made but looking as if they have been salvaged from the sea these pots are at the top of their class. These pots, urns, jars and planters are frost resistant and although they may shed a little when unwrapped from the plastic film wrap they are very suitable for flowing water features.

The crusty glaze ranges from whitish to toasted shades occasionally with some hints of turquoise. Dimensions are approximate as, being hand-made, sizes can vary.

To clean use a mild soapy water and a soft bristle brush or rag. Avoid harsh chemical and abrasives.


Brand:                                      Atlantis

Dimension:                            D82cm x H55cm

Weight:                                   95.00 kg

Opening Diameter:            65 cm

Base Diameter:                    55 cm 


Included in price is delivery, removal from packing crate and installation into designated area of singular pot.

* Ask for price on waterproofing, drainage stone, filling with soil, planting or making in to a water feature. 

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