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Arrow Advice; Lush Lawns


To get the best out of your lawn we recommended you complete the following preparation prior to installation. - Rotary hoe or spread topsoil to a depth of 50-150mm.

- Remove stones, pieces of organic matter and rake and even out surface

Level soil to:

- 10mm below path for fescue lawns

- 15-20mm for couch grasses

- 25mm below path for buffalo and kikuyu

- Spread lawn starter fertiliser (add lime if your soil is acidic)


- Water soil before laying

- Roll your lawn out in a brick work pattern, push individual strips together firmly.

- Do not stretch or overlap cut turf with a sharp knife or saw around paths and garden beds.

- Water immediately to saturate the grass mat and wet underneath soil.

- Roll turf to achieve maximum soil contact - Turf must be laid on day of delivery.


WATERING- water your lawn following installation and as often as required to keep the lawn moist for the first 2 weeks. eg, up to 4 times a day if extreme heat. Above ground watering is required. - Automatic sprinklers are the most efficient way to water (pop ups or hose with sprinkler) * If watering by hand held hose you will need to allow much longer watering times to apply sufficient water. Do not allow turf to dry out whilst establishing.

- Gradually reduce frequency as roots establish.


First mow should be at 2-3 weeks after laying with the mower on the highest setting.


Fertilise 4 weeks after laying with a complete lawn food


Watering; Water only when your lawn needs it. How often you water your lawn will depend on the weather, the type of lawn and the soil. - The grass should be allowed to partly dry-out between waterings, this allows air to penetrate the root system, simulates deeper root formation and creates a healthy drought tolerant resistant lawn./

- Winter watering is "generally". not necessary unless it is abnormally dry season.

- During warmer months a good deep watering once to twice a week should be sufficient once established, except during peak heat periods when daily watering may be required. Less frequent and deeper watering will prompt deep root growth


Fertalise regularly all year to ensure a healthy lawn. A healthy lawn will deter weeds and better survive drought periods. Fescue should be feralised every 6-8 weeks Sir Walter, Palmetto, Sir Grange, Sana Ana Couch and Kikuyu should be fertilised throughout spring, summer and autumn.

- Apply a complete lawn food. ALG doesn't not recommend “weed and feed” products. - - ----- Frequency can be reduced in winter . - Spread fertiliser evenly and water in well. Heavy concentrations or applying fertiliser to wet lawns will burn.

- Apply in two directions to ensure an even spread. Spread before predicted rains to save watering.


Mow regularly at the following heights

- Fescue 35-50mm

- Buffalo and Kikuyu 20-40mm

- Couch and Sir Grange 15-30mm

- In shady areas mow to the highest recommended height.

- Keep mower blades sharp.

- Severely reducing height in one cut should be avoided (no more than 1/3 of leaf height should be cut off in any one mowing)

- Low mowing will damage your lawn

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