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Investing in Outdoor Living

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

We invest in our home mortgages, why not our outdoor living?

According to landscape economist John Harris, good landscaping can add up to 28% to your home's overall value. The more you invest, the greater the return.

Investing in good landscape design and construction of your properties will not only reap instant aesthetic reward but will continue to grow and become robust and plantings more bountiful as time passes.

When mortgaging a home, we tend to place hierarchy on indoor living and interior extras over our outdoor and external living areas. Why shouldn't it be similar in value?

We invest hundred's of thousands of dollars into our homes, why wouldn't we invest 15-30K into our outdoor living spaces? Why is it that we are shocked by this cost?

If a home mortgage is 450K, this figure makes up one 15th of that entire amount. Investing this small percentage not only adds instant aesthetic appeal but in turn increases the onsale of your home buy at least 28%.

Adding on this additional amount to our mortgage not only guarantees immediate sanctuary once a our home is built; ie, not living around grubby dirt and mud for years on end until we save up enough to afford landscaping but your garden will begin to flourish immediately and with time, only get better in growth, maturity and atmosphere

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