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Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2023

"Garden Reflections" by Lachlan Taylor-Nugent of Arrow Landscape Gardening,

was a finalists in the Landscaping Victoria Boutique Garden competition at this year's Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2023.

“Garden Reflections” exudes a cool tonal palette that oozes a soft and textural style. The use of elements in shadow and light juxtapose in harmony to unify the space through the selections of dense foliage, height, depth and texture. The flora combine with the elements of bluestone, black timber cladding and soft furnishings to complement the surrounds that bleed tranquility, modernity and poise within the space. A delightful area to sit, read a book or sip on some wine as you enjoy the comfort of the designed area in your own corner. The concept was built on the foundation of expressing how you can transform a 5x5 space into a designed sanctuary that was not only fundamentally exquisite but realistic and allowed viewers to really imagine themselves in the space, whether it be a small courtyard or "room" within a garden space. The strategic plant selection and materials used gained a great response from the foot traffic at the show; "I can really see myself sitting there, its like I could open my sliding door and completely imagine that being my outdoor space. Its so beautifully designed yet simplistic, I like how its a realistic space with plantings that could be used in most gardens." - Sue, Kew - Victoria The sheer breadth of unique detailing and thought provoking designs amongst the categories saw for a highly engaging experience for all of the visitors to the gardens. With so much on offer, from balcony gardens, container gardens, boutique gardens, large scale gardens, food vendors, floristry, plant and seed sales and all of your garden needs, the annual International event sees exhibitors from all over the globe. From the likes of renowned Landscape Designers, Peter Donegan, Charlie Albone, Renee Reiter, Christian Jenkins, Joel Barnett, Inge Jabara and so many more, a real highlight was being able to share the stage with Peter Donegan, Jason Hodges and Riley Cooper in sharing our methods, design practice and stories together. Working along side our fellow boutique garden finalists, it was such an honour to meet and learn from the incredible talent of Paul Prichard, Riley Cooper, Bronnie Skinner and Stratis Landscape Architects. Huge thanks go to the incredible sponsors and support of the show; Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, Gardens at Night, Warners Nurseries, Bio Gro, Speciality Trees, Landscaping Victoria, London College of Garden Design and the Landscape Design Institute.

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