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Illuminating Your Garden, why its the point of difference you need.

Landscape lighting is one of the most crucial and poised elements in landscape design. Very often in the design stages of a garden it's rarely considered by clients when discussing their vision for their spaces and considered as an unnecessary option. So what makes it so crucial? Landscape lighting is the bow on the present, the icing on the cake that elevates the final stages of unifying the entirety of a garden project. 1. It extends the use of your garden and outdoor areas well into the night for entertaining; transforming your outdoor space to exude an inviting, beautiful, unique and ambience rich space. Enjoying your garden doesn't have to halt when the sun goes down. Electric and transform your space from day to night, uncovering the wonders of light, shadow, reflections and patterns of the illuminated night. 2. Increases the aesthetic value of the settings through the use of lighting specific methods; Uplighting focal trees, shrubs and plantings, water pots, bubbling urns, downlights within arbors, in ground lights, linear and step lights. 3. Strengthens your safety and security. The below lighting solutions help in preventing injuries and damages by properly illuminating the accident-prone spaces like stairs and pavements.

Appropriate and strategic placement of lights assists in highlighting various features of the outdoor space while enhancing the overall landscape.

Here are some of the Lights we install to define and capture a space:

  • Accent Lights – A popular choice for uplighting garden beds, trees or sculptures. Ground mounted.

  • Path Lights – A versatile solution when a high performance and directional illumination is required for changing levels within your landscape, to line driveways, pathways or alfresco workstation. Ground mounted.

  • Step Lights –  Suited for use in decking, staircases and wall mounted settings. Wall or surface mounted.

  • Overhead Lights – Perfect for adding a soft illumination to a patio ceiling, gazebo, overhead beams or structures. Ceiling suspended.

  • Inground Lights – Perfect for emphasising the textural surface on feature or stone walls as the uplight grazes the surface. Uplight sculptural and landscapes features, trees and plantings from within paving, lawns and other hard surfaces. Ground or surface mounted

  • Linear Lights – Surface mounted. Ideal for defining straight or curved edges. Surface mounted.

If you looking to transform your outdoor space and make it more inviting, beautiful and unique feel free to get in touch for a free lighting consultation and quotation.

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