Our 'Bowna Park' project was such a delight to create. Its no secret we rejoice when we get to dapple deeply into designing and constructing formal gardens. The clients vision was to have two seperate spaces - front and back courtyard, that not only welcomed its visitors with elegance and sophistication but a space that would create a tranquil ambience. This project does just that.

When creating formal spaces, it's integral to meticulously design geometric shapes such as, squares, rectangles, linear lines and spherical shapes that work in harmony with dense leafy plants and shrubs. Formal gardens, depending on the scale, will feature one or multiple focal points within the garden as you experience each space. Our team at ALG, crafted large concrete steppers to elongate the front and back entry courtyards, crafting the bone structure for our formal garden. 

The two garden spaces were underplanted with green mondo grass, black mondo grass, box hedge, nankin lemon lime, loropetalum and the delicious aromatics of star jasmine. Our bubbling urn contrasts stunningly with the copper tones lifting from the greenery.

The Acer Palmatum 'Sango Kaku', sits snug against the red brick and the geometric composition of the Buxus sempervirens Balls add height, sophistication and elegance to the space.
The back courtyard features a mature, bold weeping cherry, underplanted with crisp white cyclamens.
Repeating the planting in both areas creates the formal sense of symmetry throughout the spaces collectively. 

Lastly, a finely pebbled path way of 'Kiera gold', assist with the removal of any water close to the house whilst tying the areas to the side of the house neatly.  'Bowna Park' was completed with an automated irrigation system, customised to the climate and plantings of the project.  

Formal gardens bleed the evergreen beauty of their dense greens whilst our seasonal 'Sango Kaku' and weeping cherry offer the changing of the leaves to delight in. What a scrumptious combination 'Bowna Park' exhibits. 



Lanning Street Displays

Designing and constructing the two Gilchrist display homes in Avalon Park, Baranduda, was such an exciting process. From the initial consultation with the Gilchrist team, design phases, platings and construction, we were blown away with their unique and bespoke craftsmanship of their homes that aligned so neatly with our creation for their outdoor spaces.
The two displays yield a modern take on an inspired urban 'Palm Springs' edge that incorporates threads of dense leafy greens, crisp whites and warm tones as our Vitis Coignetiae's change colour in the autumn and spring.

Lanning 25 - Our Euphorbia Ammak Cacti is an incredible feature and art piece in its own right. Contrasting intensely against the black cladding, the Euphorbia encapsulates a tall physique, adding foregrounding height and texture against the planter boxes and low lying English Lavender and Agave Americana. deep toned steel edging neatly composes our front garden bed to border and compose the front facade. At the rear of the display, thick Kikuyu and a dense row of Hinterland Gold's barricade the border of the home grounds, allowing for the buyer to add any personal features to the backyard. The alfresco is framed by a gorgeous thick panelled frame that supports our structured lateral wire, home to our Vitis coignetiae that is trained to climb and mature to create a thick dense leafy wall.

Lannging 26 - At first glance you are welcomed by our fringe of draped casuarina glauca, that sits elegantly at the top of the frame of the home, softening against the cladded timber and dark grey roofing. The textual combinations within the facade and the architecture of the home are a stand out 'art piece' of this display.



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