Black Cherry Plum

Black Cherry Plum

Prunus nigra


25cm 1 - 1.6 mtrs Tall


A small, ornamental flowering plum with very dark purple summer foliage carried on dark branches. Single pink flowers in spring make a spectacular display. Often used as a striking small foliage contrast tree for smaller gardens or as a street tree.

Height: 5 metre(s)

Width: 4 metre(s)

Growth rate: Moderate.

Habit: Upright, becoming rounded with a tidy habit.

Foliage: Dull dark blackish-purple summer foliage, ruby red in colour when new and reddish-purple in autumn.

Flowers: Abundant pink flowers, single or in groups of two to three in dense clusters in late winter to early spring.

Bark: Blackish-brown. Blackish-red younger branches.

Tolerances: Hot sites once established and to a variety of site conditions, but prefers moist, well drained fertile soils and a position receiving full sun.